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Set against the backdrop of the Sierra Nevada and the Tehachapi Mountains, the residents of Tehachapi bask in clear air, abundant, clean water, and a quality of life which strikes an ideal balance with nature. Look around and you'll see a careful blend of new, early California, and western architecture. Close your eyes, and you'll hear the whistle of an approaching train reminiscent of the late 1800's

Southern Pacific Railroad Company completed the track from Caliente to the Tehachapi Valley in 1876 - construction that would soon link Northern and Southern California. July 10, 1876 is the birthday of the Town of Tehachapi. On August 13, 1909, the Town of Tehachapi was Incorporated.

Today, a charming, small town atmosphere still prevails in Tehachapi. An average of 45 trains pass by each day. Fifteen "helper engines" assist in the task of pushing the trains over the steep mountain grade. Shade trees line the streets where residents are within walking distance of restaurants, schools, churches, library, museum, hospital, theater and stores. Surrounded by natural beauty, "art in public places and music in the mountains", it's no wonder people from all walks of life have chosen to make Tehachapi their home.

Tehachapi | Bear Valley Springs | Cummings Valley | Golden Hills
Stallion Springs | Sand Canyon | Wind Farms | Education

"Living in Bear Valley is like having your own National Park", is the manner in which residents describe their high mountain retreat. Nestled against a dramatic Bear Mountain backdrop, only 3,700 home sites will be developed on nearly 27,000 acres. . Two lakes for fishing and sail boating, 30 natural springs, campgrounds and miles of riding trails are enjoyed by a population of more than 5,000.A master-planned, gate-guarded community, Bear Valley Springs offers something for everyone. Placed in an unmatched setting of natural beauty.

Oaktree Country Club; a challenging 9-hole golf course; 4 tennis courts; a recreation center complete with gymnasium and pools; an equestrian center; trap, rifle, and archery ranges; parks and playgrounds.

Bear Valley Springs is emerging as a dynamic community of interesting people and beautiful custom homes in an ideal environment for year-round or seasonal living.
Tehachapi | Bear Valley Springs | Cummings Valley | Golden Hills
Stallion Springs | Sand Canyon | Wind Farms | Education

Known for its Sod Farms and Horse Ranches, Cummings Valley was first seen by George Cummings in the mid 1800's while on a cattle drive enroute to the Gold Mines. The area was so beautiful, he later returned to purchase property in the valley now named after him.

In 1936, the California Institute for Women at Tehachapi was dedicated on land in Cummings Valley. Following the big earthquake of 1952, the women were relocated to another location. After reconstruction, the facility became the California Correctional Institute for Men (CCI). Today, it is actually five prisons in the same location. With approximately 1700 positions overseeing 5800 inmates, CCI is the largest employer in the Tehachapi area. Recently, CCI was annexed by the City of Tehachapi.

Two antelope herds have recently been introduced into the Tehachapi area. One herd roams the Zond Wind Farm. The other is located in Cummings Valley making its home on the ranch of movie actor Jack Palance.

Sandwiched between Tehachapi and Stallion Springs, Cummings Valley is encircled by oak and pine-covered mountains just fifteen miles west of Tehachapi.

Tehachapi | Bear Valley Springs | Cummings Valley | Golden Hills
Stallion Springs | Sand Canyon | Wind Farms | Education

A splendid view is easy to find from most of the 3,400 parcels in Golden Hills. Ranging in size from 1/4 acre to 1 PLUS acre, services are provided by the Golden Hills Community Services District. Located just 10 miles from the City of Tehachapi, Golden Hills began development in the 1960's.

Horses are allowed depending on zoning and parcel size. Wonderful terrain for riding and hiking can be found on both the East and West side of Golden Hills. Many parcels on the Eastern edge border on government land and the oak-studded Western side commands a view of Black Mountain.

Homes and land are available. The Old Town shopping area is located in Golden Hills as are many fine restaurants. Golden Hills is the solution for people who want close-in convenience in a beautiful, rural setting.

Tehachapi | Bear Valley Springs | Cummings Valley | Golden Hills
Stallion Springs | Sand Canyon | Wind Farms | Education

"Almost every day is a good day for Golf" at Stallion Springs Golf Course, one of the finest 18 hole Championship Golf Courses in Southern California. Stallions Spring Golf Course is located just 18 miles from Tehachapi, 120 miles from Los Angeles, and 56 miles from Bakersfield. Low in density, Stallion Springs is a Resort Community of 2,000 residents spread out over 20,000 acres.

Sky Mountain Resort features Sky Mountain Lodge, Horse Thief Country Club and the ever-colorful and fun-filled Boom Town Sports and Recreation Complex. Catering to the sport-minded, the Recreation Complex provides courts, ball fields, swimming, fishing, hiking, bowling, horseback riding and even miniature golf. Surrounded by the greenery of thousands of majestic oak trees, Stallion Springs is breathtakingly beautiful. Due to the altitude and location, the climate is mild and smog free. Snows are infrequent and short-lived with sunny days being the norm.

It doesn't get any better than in Stallion Springs. It is a one-of-a-kind development designed for those seeking an affordable and beautiful homesite, an active lifestyle and close-in convenience.

Tehachapi | Bear Valley Springs | Cummings Valley | Golden Hills
Stallion Springs | Sand Canyon | Wind Farms | Education

To the East of Tehachapi lies Sand Canyon, a network of several tributary canyons of diverse terrain and geologic features. Although now home to independent people who cherish privacy and wide open spaces, Sand Canyon was once occupied by Native Americans who hunted and gathered for their subsistence. Visitors today enjoy exploring the ancient petroglyphs and abandoned caves, an historic treasure preserved in a state park, "TOMO-KAHNI".

Generally a milder climate than the desert below or the mountains above, Sand Canyon is sheltered from the elements by its sloping walls. The hidden valleys, forested areas and protected open areas all have one thing in common-breathtaking views.

Homes are as diverse as the landscape and are spread throughout the canyons. They range from simple and affordable homesteads to mansions with multiple guest cottages. Water, phone, and electricity are readily available.

Sand Canyon is an easy commute to employment opportunities offered in nearby Lancaster/Palmdale high tech corridor, Mojave's flight-oriented Business Park and Bakersfield's petroleum, service and agricultural industries.
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California produces 80% of the world's wind energy and 95% of the nation's wind energy, and most of that energy is produced at the Tehachapi Pass. Harnessed by turbines, the wind generated from the Pass can usually satisfy all of the electrical needs of the Antelope Valley and then some. Some noteworthy facts are:

    The Tehachapi Pass houses over 5,000 turbines.
    One wind turbine can power 100 to 200 homes.
    Wind turbines produce pollution-free electricity.
    Wind power is cleaner and more economical than coal, oil, gas, or nuclear power.
    The wind is both free and inexhaustible.

Collectively the wind turbines in Tehachapi generate 1.3 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity per year - enough to meet the residential needs of nearly 500,000 people.

Wind Turbines start generating when wind speeds exceed 10 mph. At wind speeds of 60 mph the turbines turn themselves off to minimize excessive wear and tear. Wind speeds through the Tehachapi Pass Average only 14 to 20 mph.

Tehachapi | Bear Valley Springs | Cummings Valley | Golden Hills
Stallion Springs | Sand Canyon | Wind Farms | Education

The Tehachapi Unified School District provides a comprehensive and challenging instructional program at four Elementary Schools (Grades 1-6), one Junior High School (Grades 7-8), one Continuation High School, one Adult and Independent Study High School, and one Senior High School (Grades 9-12). Based on a year-round schedule with multiple tracks, Tehachapi students score at or above CTBS (Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills) averages with the highest scores in the area of language. At the Elementary level, individual school programs include:

    Solid foundation program of reading, language arts, mathematics, science, and social science.
    Special Education Programs
    An Extended Day Enrichment Program
    Oral Language Festival, Science Fair, Spelling Bee, and National Geographic Bee
    District provided Music Specialist, Speech Pathologist, and District Psychologist

Within the California Framework Core Curriculum, Jacobsen Junior High School augments their basic academic program with district mentors, a Safe School Plan, and supplemental programs accentuating technology (robotics, aerospace, and electronics), computers and visual and performing arts (drama, music, and band).

Tehachapi High School (THS) offers a fine and well-balanced curriculum of over 130 different courses. The THS activities program is recognized by the California Association of Activities Directors (CADA) and by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) as among the finest in the state. Academically, THS students score above national averages on the ACT College Entrance Exam.

The role of THS is to prepare students for future academic or vocational education. A career pathway exploration program has been implemented which includes Work Experience Education and vocational courses in Business, Industrial Technology, Agriculture and Home Economics. In addition, Regional Occupational classes are offered in Visual Communication, Criminal Justice, Word Processing, and Landscape Management.

Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degrees can be obtained locally through the Bakersfield College Extension Program. Two year colleges are located in Bakersfield (40 miles) and Antelope Valley (45 miles). California State University Bakersfield offers a varied range of Bachelors and Masters-level Curricula.